Discussing Diets is as Dangerous as Discussing Religion – Why?

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Why are vegans, omnivores and others so sensitive about their diets?

10 Reasons You Should Become a Pescetarian

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Live longer, look better AND be better at sex? Sign us up!

Ikea Announces New Vegan Ice Cream, End to Single Use Plastics

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Would you like some environmental peace of mind with that couch?

Walmart To Debut Vegan Pot Pies This Summer!

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Do you ever miss the warm, crunchy, creaminess of a pot pie? Apparently, a lot of plant-based eaters did too. In October, Walmart stores across the nation will begin stocking…


Grammys 2020: FKA twigs to Perform Prince Tribute

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She’ll join previously-announced artists Sheila E. and Usher in an homage to the Purple One…

Meek Mill Wrongful Death Lawsuits Dropped

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The families of two men who were fatally shot following a Meek concert in Connecticut have agreed to dismiss their cases against the rapper…

Chromatics Share New Song “Toy”: Listen

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A new single following last year’s Closer to Grey…


8 Step Guide To Selling Your Soul to the Devil

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Making a deal with the Devil can be a difficult and confusing endeavor, luckily for you, we’ve put together an easy to follow 8 step guide!

Local 21 Year Old 6 Months Sober After Binge Drinking 1 Mikes Hard EVERY WEEKEND

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“I was at such a low point in life that I was literally drinking an ENTIRE Mike’s Hard to myself EVERY WEEKEND!”

Adorable Abandoned Puppy Shakes Hands With Rescuer

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Sometimes we need a story like this to restore a little bit more of our faith in humanity

GIF’s Of Cat Snakes In Their Natural Habitat

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Here’s a bunch of cat snakes to brighten your day.


Unsure What to be for Halloween? Let Google Assistant Decide For You

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Alright all you other assistants can go home now, Google wins Halloween 2018 with the best response. What costume did you get? Let us know in the comments!

Forgot To Buy Eclipse Glasses? Then Here’s How To Make An Eclipse Viewer

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Forget to buy some eclipse glasses for monday? Dont even stress about it! We have created an easy, five step guide to making a solar eclipse viewer, just for you!

The Tooth Brush of the Future is Black To Match Your Soul – Boie USA Review

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Just don’t accidentally drop it in your pile of black T-shirts and jeans…You’ll never find it.

Blu R1 HD – How Much Phone Does $60 Get You?

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So, can $60 actually buy you a decent smart phone? Check out our review of the Blu R1 HD to find out!


Mcdonalds is Bringing Back Szechuan Sauce for One Day Only – Here’s Where to Find It

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“I want that Mulan McNugget sauce, Morty, that’s my series arc, Morty, if it takes nine seasons. I want my McNugget dipping sauce Szechuan sauce, Morty!”

Baby Driver – Movie Review

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It was as if I was watching an extremely well choreographed dance

Submarine – Movie Review

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as soon as you are done watching the movie you want to see it again and again, devouring every moment of the film for what it has to offer.