Baby Driver – Movie Review

By July 8, 2017Media

It’s not often anymore that I drag myself to an actual theater and gamble my money on a film right as it comes out. But there was something about “Baby Driver” that drew me to take that chance, not only on whether or not the film would be good, but whether or not the audience would behave. I am more than happy to say that both of those gambles paid off.

The film kept me and the rest of the audience enthralled from beginning to end and its few minor flaws did almost nothing to distract from just how amazing it is. It is a incredible how well they blended the pulse pounding action with the upbeat music. It was as if I was watching an extremely well choreographed dance as the movie went on. Footsteps, car doors slamming, gunshots and gear changes all happening to the beat of whatever song happened to be playing. It struck me as an a better produced Guardians of the Galaxy in the way it integrated the music into the story. This intertwined with the action, already good in its own right, drew me into the film like nothing I have seen in quite a long time. Without such innovation this could have easily been as forgettable as so many other similar movies are.

The only place the movie fell flat in my opinion was in the acting of Jamie Foxx. While not so bad that I hated him being in the movie, I couldn’t believe him in the role he was trying to portray and this made the scenes with him less enjoyable than they could have been. However, this does little to deter me from thoroughly enjoying the rest of it.

Baby Driver is a gem in the sea of boring movies that often hit theaters these days. If you get the chance go see it before it leaves theaters as it also benefits greatly from the large screen and the surround sound. I give it 5/5 stars.