Movie #107 Look Who’s Back

Adolph Hitler wakes up in modern day Berlin with no idea of how he got there and has to adapt to how multicultural it is now.


This movie can best be described as Borat with Hitler. Oliver Masucci plays Adolph Hitler and does an amazing job with it. He plays the character so well that you forget you are watching an actor portray the part of Hitler. Despite being about one arguably the most evil man in all of history the film is rather funny and keeps you laughing throughout.


Much of the comedy is done in a very similar way to Borat, the creators even hang a lampshade on this at the very beginning, having Hitler visit a etiquette coach much in the same way Borat did. Through man on the street interviews we see the various ways modern day people interact with someone who is both acting like and looks like Hitler. Surprisingly, even in Germany, this does not end up being only negative reactions. Many people end up voicing their displeasure at the immigrants coming into their country and how they wish they could do something about the problems they are coming. This type of interaction is the crux of what turns this film from very good, to great. Not to drive the comparison home too hard but much like Borat was a great movie because of the way it peeled back the shiny veneer that people show to the world, showing us the ugly insides that are waiting to come out.


Look Who’s Back” is a movie that both entertains and enlightens. It brings to light the many xenophobic ideals that permeate our modern day society. While shot in Germany and with the German public the films message can very easily be transposed onto much of what is happening right here in America today. If there is one thing this film does brilliantly it is in the way it humanizes Hitler. I do not mean this to say that it makes him seem like a nice person, I mean that it shows how easy it could have been to be swayed by his speeches. Many would like to think that if we saw someone of the same evil intent rising to power we would have the presence of mind to notice it but and would never have followed someone like Hitler. The film shows how easy it is to be swept up by words and how something like this could happen in this day and age if we aren’t careful.


But enough about the political side of the movie. While politics plays a huge part in it this does not mean they used it as a crutch to make up for the lack of proper comedy. The film has an excellent sense of itself and much of the comedy comes from this, from seeing people react to a situation that doesn’t seem entirely right, like Hitler drawing caricatures of people in an open square. It is absurd moments like these that mellow out the more serious tone that the film can take.


Look Who’s Back” is a hilarious political satire film that shines a light on some very important topics in our current day and age all while still cracking you up. 8.5/10

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