Movie #23 People Places Things

A middle aged man must deal with his loneliness and the feelings he still has for his ex while still trying to raise his daughters.


Normally when I hear a movie is a romantic comedy I can write it off as bad 9/10 times. The majority of movies that fall under that category tend to follow a pretty simple formula of guy meets girl, guy and girl hit it off, girl misunderstands/finds something out about guy, girl forgives guy and they are “just so totes in love”… cue sappy but uplifting end credits song. But when I saw that Jemaine Clement, of Flight of the Conchords fame, was in it my interest was piqued.


It turns out, that my interest was piqued for good reason. “People Places Things” brings fresh life to the same formula. While it hits many of the same beats as your typical romantic comedy most of it avoids feeling cliched and instead feels unique. While I won’t say this movie totally broke free of its structural roots it managed to do enough differently that the parts where I predicted exactly what would happen next were few and far between.

The actors all performed admirably, drawing me into the light hearted but sad tone of the movie. A tone I might add that it pulled off splendidly despite how oxymoronic it may sound. To round it off the comedy was genuinely funny, and while never bringing me to a deep belly laugh I found myself chuckling throughout.


People Places Things does not revolutionize the old tired formula of a romantic comedy but it does manage to clean it up and make it approachable again. 7.5/10

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