Movie # 258 Consumed

By September 16, 2016Movie Reviews

A recovering alcoholic single mother with a history of mental illness has a breakdown that leads her to believe that GMO crops are to blame for her sons recent sickness, sadly she never gets help.

For those of you familiar with the joke of a movie called “God is Not Dead” the movie “Consumed” is of a very similar quality. Both use half assed arguments under the veil of trying to enlighten you while doing nothing but spewing misinformation. Consumed, from beginning to end, is nothing but a campaign meant to scare its viewers into not wanting to buy GMO crops of animals. This leaves the films story in such a poor state that the only people who could like it or take it at all seriously are those who already wrongly campaign against GMO technology. I have neither the time nor the inclination to do the research and cite my sources as to why this movie is a load of crap, and after all this is supposed to be a movie review not a angry defamation of those who stand in the way of progress. So let’s take a look at how this movie fares as an actual film, ignoring its politics.

The acting is actually not bad amongst most of the main characters (as long as you ignore the child actor). Our leading woman is played by Zoe Lister-Joones, a “that girl” actress who you recognize but can’t place in a single thing. She plays the part of a manic woman suffering from extreme paranoia rather well and genuinely gives off the vibe that her life is falling apart. She is accompanied by Victor Garber who plays the CEO of “Clonestra” the evil GMO company and Beth Grant, who plays her mother. Like Zoe these two play their parts quite well and I honestly have no complaints about their performances (round of applause, great job, you did it). Every other actor on the other hand barely manages to bumble their way through the seen without it coming off like they are reading off a fact sheet of why you should not like GMO’s. This has nothing to do with me disagreeing with the politics of the film mind you, make your stupid movie about whatever stupid thing you want just write dialogue the way people actually talk, not like they have a time limit to list negatives about GMO crops and have to get it done before their scene ends.

And speaking of listing negative things, almost every scene in this film merely acts as a vessel to bring up another talking point. Again, make your stupid movie about whatever stupid thing you want but just do it in an interesting way. I shouldn’t have to agree with the politics of a film to enjoy it should I? But when every scene so thinly veils its intent you find yourself unable to drop yourself at all into the film. Our leading lady goes to visit an organic farm, I wonder if they are going to talk about how big business is pushing organic out of the way. She goes to visit a lawyer, I wonder what point they will bring up here about labeling GMO. The director and writers of this movie must have thought you wouldn’t get the message they were trying to convey unless they brought up every talking point they possibly could. Not only is this not true but it hurts the film immensely by making every scene a way to advance their message rather than advance the plot.

So in conclusion, Consumed is a movie made for people who already agree with its anti-GMO message and want to just circle jerk and agree with themselves some more. So if that’s your thing… go for it I guess but to anyone with more than two brain cells to rub together I suggest avoiding this film at all cost. It gets a nod for the decent acting, but beyond that there is nothing to redeem this film, 1.5/10

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