Movie #268 Kill Zone 2

By October 13, 2016Movie Reviews


An undercover cop and a prison guard work together to bring down an organ trafficking ring. Things become complicated when the daughter of the guards life becomes at stake.

Kill Zone 2 or SPL II: A Time for Consequences, is an action flick that delivers exactly what you want from an action movie but sadly a bunch of stuff it doesn’t need as well. While Chinese in origin I felt a lot of very strong similarities between “Kill Zone 2” and “The Raid: Redemption”. Both films use fantastic fight choreography and interesting dynamic camera angles to thoroughly invest you in the fight scenes of the movie. Both movies also do the right thing in avoiding the most common movie sin in most action movies these days which is quick jump cuts between every single punch, kick and headbutt. They create fluid scenes where the action flows in such a way as to give the fight scene actual weight. They also avoid the other major sin of lighting a fight scene with the equivalent of a single half burned out light bulb. It should be no surprise that a fight is more fun to watch when you can actually see whats going on. Most action flicks try and hide just how bad their fight choreography is by hiding it with a combination of these two sins until a fight scene is nothing more than quick cuts to another poorly lit shot of a fist or a human shape flying backwards from the fist shot they just showed you.

On top of this Kill Zone 2 has a rather good story, even if it is a bit forced at times. While the story segues nicely from action scene to action scene and keeps you moderately invested, I felt that the action was a little too spaced out for my liking. If the story had been slightly better or had their been just one or two more action scenes I think this film could have truly been elevated to another level. The hardest thing about this is that there is nothing inherently wrong with the plot, its just that there is nothing inherently interesting about it as well. The action was so good that every time it ended all I wanted was for another fight to start up.

Kill Zone 2, while not without flaws is an excellent action film that is sure to delight anyone who desires some truly intense action. I give Kill Zone 2 a 7/10

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