Movie # 278 Re-Kill

By October 4, 2016Movie Reviews

After a zombie outbreak dies down and humanity begins to take control once more a T.V. Show is created to follow the men and women responsible for keeping the “Re-An” in check.

Never has there been a better example of a great idea ruined by poor execution. For those familiar with the story “World War Z” (the book not the movie) will become excited just by hearing the premise of this movie. Hearing normal peoples reaction to a zombie outbreaks first occurrence and how they are dealing with it after the outbreak  is both a new and exciting premise that while not wholly removed from the trappings of a typical zombie film at least manages to separate itself from the flock and give itself a unique voice. It’s this voice that makes me so upset with this film. It hits upon ideas that make you wish someone better had discovered them first. A “Cops” style show about zombie hunters, commercials between the show about protected communities, zombie protection medication, and just the idea of sex to help repopulate America.

Sadly, all of these great ideas are performed about as well as you would expect a black out drunk person to be able to walk in a straight line, sure they may seem to understand what they are trying to do but in no way do they accomplish it. Shaky cam found footage style movies need to pay extra attention to how they shoot scenes to make sure of a three main things.

#1 They need to make sure that it makes sense for the footage to be shot, their needs to be a reason for someone to be filming the scene and not just dropping the camera. Here is perhaps the only area where the movie did something right, by making the movie into a mock T.V. Show we have a clear cut reason for someone to care about filming.

#2 We have to know who is shooting or why a shot makes sense. More often than not throughout “Re-Kill” the question arose in my head “who the fuck is shooting this scene?” or “why is he standing here?”. One of the two cameramen would often walk in front of the advancing soldiers who all have their guns raised or would pull the impossible trick of disappearing. The camera would often switch from a shot from the front of the squad to a shot of from the back and lo and behold their would be no sign of the guy taking the opposite shot in either. We the viewer need to feel like the cameraman/men exist to make the idea of found footage at all reasonable.

#3 Here is the most obvious yet perhaps most underrated of all points that need to be met for a found footage film. Make sure the viewer doesn’t want to vomit just from watching your film. Who ever was running the camera and who ever looked at the footage he shot and said okay need to be shot. During any scene where there was any “action” and I use that word lightly, someone had their hand on the zoom and was cranking it back and forth from max zoom to minimum zoom over and over again all while shaking the camera around in what I can only expect was some vain attempt to try and create the sense of urgency when in fact all it created was a sense that I wanted to vomit my guts out. I actually had to pause this movie in the last thirty minutes and compose myself before finishing it.

While I would normally just severely dislike a film of this level of poor quality I find myself hating it because of the absolutely shitty job they did with such a cool idea. I am by no means a film maker but I honestly think that I could create a better movie. No scene felt like an actual show and no “commercial” felt like an actual commercial. All you have to do is watch a few seasons of cops and all the commercials that go along with it and you would get a much better idea as to how those sorts of things are supposed to be composed. How fucking hard is it to realize that a commercial for a show doesn’t show whole and complete segments from it? How fucking hard is it to use a dash cam during a chase scene rather than the “Highway Cam” that somehow movies with the pursuit vehicle or the even more laughable “Spy Cam” they have on the back of the truck they are chasing.

Up until this point in the year my least favorite movie has been “Expendables 3” but at least that movie failed at trying to do something that required a good deal of effort. This movie took a great idea, chewed it up, swallowed it and vomited it back up after watching the shaky footage they shot. 1/10

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