Movie #31 Turbo Kid

In the far flung apocalyptic future of 1997 a comic book loving kid must don the guise of his favorite hero to save a new friend from an evil overlord.


This movie is a bloody romp through the memories of over the top 80’s action flicks. Like another recent homage to the 80’s “Kung Fury” this film delivers on all fronts but without planting its tongue quite as firmly in its cheek. Were it not for the video quality I don’t think you could very easily distinguish this movie from a lineup of similar 80’s movies. It honestly (other than the gore) deeply reminded me of movies like “The Last Starfighter” with its young plucky hero thrown into a situation that is way over their head and having an extremely similar tone throughout.


All the actors did well enough and when they failed to perform it actually added to the charm of the film some of the time. It is stuff like this that can make satire so hard to judge at times, where the actors purposefully giving kind of goofy/poor performances at times to help it feel like a low budget 80’s flick, or was it just genuinely sub par acting? In either case the movie isn’t quite serious enough for it to matter. All of that is beside the point, you don’t watch “Turbo Kid” for the acting, you watch it to see sick bike stunts and a buzz saw gun wielding maniac.


If you have a love of over the top, corny, and downright blood soaked 80’s action I highly recommend watching “Turbo Kid”. I give it a 7.5/10

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