Movie #4 The Warriors

A gang called the Warriors has to fight their way from the Bronx back to Coney Island after being falsely accused of murdering the cities biggest gang leader


This movie is almost exactly the same kind of goofy action as “Predator” and I am sure if I had seen it when I was younger I would have the same amount of nostalgia for it. It plays the part of delivering exciting action where you don’t know if the group will make it out all punctuated by terribly delivered lines. The movie is made more ridiculous by the fact that every gang seems to have a ludicrous theme about them. Whether its the pimp gang, the mime gang or the gang that wears baseball uniforms, nobody just seems to have picked a color to wear, instead they all have some over the top costume. This makes it hard to take it seriously at times. For example, I don’t know how much tension I am supposed to feel when the warriors are waiting to spring a trap on the hillbilly gang led for some unknown reason by a hillbilly wearing a pair of roller skates. Perhaps at the time roller skates where only worn by the toughest guys in town… but that seems unlikely.


The film is also surprisingly progressive for its time. Most of the gangs show are multiracial and at more then one point during the movie women take advantage of the warriors womanizing attitudes to gain the upper hand on them.


My biggest complaint about this movie is the final showdown. Because we have spent the whole movie with our main protagonist on the run they never truly get to interact with the bad guys who actually shot the gang leader and started this whole mess. Because of this no rivalry has been built between them so when they finally square off you only want the warriors to win because they are the guys the movie has been following, not also because you hate the villains. On top of this their isn’t much of a fight to speak of, the so called fight ending in a matter of seconds leaving you feel like you never really got to see the real ending.


Despite its awful acting and disappointing ending “The Warriors” delivers a fun action flick that does what few action movies can now days, not make the main characters invincible. Because of this I had a thoroughly good time watching this movie… even if I wont be in a rush to see it again. 6.5/10

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