Movie# 53 Mean Creek

A group of young friends get together to play a prank on the school bully, but something goes horribly wrong.


I have never been so bored and so uncomfortable at the same time in my life. This movie sets out to show “teen life” and the dangers of bullying (even bullying the bully). All it ends up doing is make you waste an hour and a half of your life. With an above seven rating on IMDb I was genuinely very excited to see this film. After sitting through it though I cant imagine what anyone saw in it. The acting is sub par, their are times when the audio seems not quite synced up the story line is so predictable I knew both what was going to happen and how it was going to resolve by the 15-20 minute mark.


Every positive review I saw for this movie uses lines like “portrait of adolescence” or “accurate depiction of American adolescence”. After seeing the movie I can’t help but think that the people who wrote something like that after seeing it can only be forty something parents who have no idea what their teenage kids get up to and think this must totally be an accurate representation. Even if you cut out the meat of this story, the unusual occurrence that drives the plot, even the dialogue doesn’t hold up as being at all realistic. The only good thing about the movie is the acting jobs of both Rory Culkin and Scott Mechlowicz who managed to pretty good, though when put next to the piss poor acting of everyone around them it would be hard not to shine.


It seems to me that the overwhelming positive reviews for this film seem to come from the fact that the subject matter is so serious. People see the film and think “well if I don’t like this then it means I am agreeing with the bad thing right?” No, the answer is no. Just because a movies subject matter is about something serious, whether that be bullying, disease, war, famine, genocide, etc… doesn’t mean that the movie is good. It also needs compelling characters who make decisions that don’t leave you wondering what kind of fucked up logic went into their thought process.


I can’t see myself recommending “Mean Creek” to anyone. I want my hour and a half back. 3/10

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