Movie # 55 The Congress

An out of work actress accepts a deal that has consequences that will reach farther than she could possibly have imagined.


Robin Wright of “The Princess Bride” fame plays Robin Wright of “The Princess Bride” fame in this utterly unique film. It starts out with a very interesting idea of a near future where actors and actresses are being scanned into programs so that they can just be made into whatever characters the movie industries want them to be. From there it dives into a rabbit hole of unexpected twists and turns that I promise you, no matter how many movies you have seen, you will not see coming.


This is both a great boon and a problem for the film as it probably goes a little too far in this direction. The plot can be hard to follow sometimes making it hard to become invested in the characters problems and goals, and even a little hard to know what the characters problems and goals are. Even now after finishing the movie and having had time to think about it I can easily think of several scenes where I still have no idea what exactly was happening.


These problems I would say are greatly overshadowed by its storytelling and pure visual excitement. A film like this is one where the more you know about it the worse it will get and because of this I don’t really want to go into too much detail about what I liked. I would suggest not reading anything about this film or even watching any trailers. Just go and immerse yourself in it and be surprised just like I was. 8/10

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