Movie #62 The Spongebob Movie: Sponge Out of Water

After the secret Krabby Patty formula goes missing Spongebob and the gang have to figure out where exactly it went before Bikini Bottom is destroyed!


Even as a general fan of the Spongebob franchise I can say I didn’t enter this movie with the highest of hopes that it would end up being any good. After all, how much can one truly expect from a Spongebob movie. let alone a sequel. But the first one was surprisingly good so I figured I would give it a shot.


All I can say is I have mixed feelings about it. Spongebob has always had a very specific kind of humor and near the start of the film this humor really shined through. Spongebob being loveably dorky, crazy semi-adult events happening but all covered in a coat of PG paint, and of course, more puns per square inch than a Steven Wright routine. This put me in high hopes that I would be pleasantly surprised by the quality of the Spongebob sequel.


Like the first film the movie was part animated part live action and just like the first film every time it cut back to the live action actor you felt like you could walk away and not miss anything entertaining. The style of comedy so greatly pulled off by our animated sponge friend is entirely lost once a live action character is trying to imitate it. Again though, just like the first film these scenes are few and far between… or so I thought.


As the movie progresses the live action “narrator” actually ends up playing a rather huge part in the story line and eventually the entirety of the movie moves to the live action stage (thankfully with our main characters remaining animated albeit in CG) Now perhaps this could have been done correctly but it became quite obvious that this CG part was added just to toss in a gratuitous amount of 3D moments. Up until this point I had completely forgotten that what I was watching was originally advertised as being in 3D. But after the 4th cannonball coming straight for my head or the swarm of ice cream cones flying at the screen it was more than glaringly obvious. I understand that this is a kids movie but why does this have to mean the the 3D has to be utilized in a stupid manner? To top it off the comedy is once again lacking in all the live action scenes, with only a few chuckles to be wrung out of the sponge by this point.


Up until the movie goes “live action” it does what its supposed to do and just feel like a really long episode of Spongebob Squarepants (in a good way). But the comedy is hijacked by the creators drive to make it into a 3D piece of garbage. These two forces balance together to a giant resounding “meh”. When the credits started rolling, all I wanted to do was go watch the first movie again, and maybe some of my favorite episodes. 5/10

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