Movie #65 The Bank Job

A criminal gang endeavors to steal from a banks safety deposit box, but find more than they bargained for.


From the first scene to the last a feeling nagged at me, that perhaps I had seen this movie before. While already having finished it I am still not sure if it was my first time watching it or not. Either I have seen it before and it was utterly forgettable or I haven’t seen it but it touches on so many tropes of similar movies that it feels exactly the same. Despite how negative that may sound I did find myself enjoying it despite it’s ever present parallels to the genre of crime thrillers as a whole. In no way does this movie break the confines of whats expected of it but it manages to pull of those exact expected notes so well I didn’t quite care.


The action is fun and not so choreographed that it feels fake. While we know that the main character played by Jason Statham is going to make it to the end there are enough secondary characters that you are not quite sure who will be alive and kicking when the credits start to roll.


My biggest complaint is that the film is bogged down with too many side stories. I don’t care about Statham’s drama with his wife, I don’t care about the undercover MI6 agent who SPOILERS/ totally dies /SPOILERS, I didn’t care about the set up to a lot of things that played a part in the main story. For example (more spoilers) during the heist the crew steals some incriminating photos of certain key members of the Government taking part in various sexual acts. Now if they had simply shown you this information for the first time with the reveal of the pictures and the same lines of “hey I know that bloke, hes the MP” the audience would get the message. But instead they have to show you beforehand these characters going to said brothel. Is this necessary? Couldn’t the writer or editor just trust in the audiences ability to fill in the rather obvious blank there? Through all this extraneous storytelling the rather interesting tale at its heart becomes bloated with shit you just don’t care about.

On top of this the ending is so easy to predict that you know the outcome miles before it actually happens. I feel weird complaining about this though as I can’t honestly think of a better way of hiding what will happen.


The Bank Job ends up being an enjoyable film that could be a lot better by simply cutting off its fatty tissue and getting to the point. It knows what we want to see and provides that but then keeps providing more when we already got exactly what we wanted. I had a good time with it, and who knows in a decade maybe I will be watching it again wondering if I have already seen it. I give it a 6.5/10

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