Movie #7 The Little Death

The secret lives of five suburban couples reveal the reality of and drawbacks of living with various sexual fantasies.

The film follows the lives of five suburban couples as they come to grips with either recently revealed or discovered sexual fantasies and what comes with those, albeit in a rather dramatic manner. Both heartwarming and laugh inspiring at times this is the first movie that has made me truly laugh in quite a long time. Not that every comedy needs to inspire deep belly laughs but this one sure did. I can honestly say I haven’t seen such a uniquely written comedy scene as when a deaf person calls into a telephone relay service to have his conversation with a phone sex operator translated. Seeing someone awkwardly stumble through signing “do you want to put it in my mouth” I couldn’t help but laugh a bit.

I also really enjoyed the way the five unique stories are brought together near the end, turning what would be a series of short stories into one larger story with a more cohesive theme. Also, while the stories are far from normal, there is something very innately human in the way they are told.

On top of being fantastically written the acting, while not groundbreaking was certainly well done. Couple this with the amazing soundtrack that manages to perfectly capture the somewhat serious but still very light feel of the movie and I have no problem giving this an 7.5/10.