Submarine – Movie Review


It’s been an awful long time since I have written one of these. After the flurry of movies near the end of last year that ended with me successfully watching all three hundred and sixty six movies that I intended I felt tired of watching movies and my voracious appetite for new movies all but disappeared. This is the first new movie I have watched this year though that truly knocked my socks off, and this is not to say I haven’t seen anything worth watching.

Submarine is a coming of age tale done in a unique style that screams of heavily influence by the movies of Wes Anderson or films like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Not only is its dialogue and characters layered with interesting flavor but the visuals themselves carry this same style. This style allows it to not only address some very important and serious themes such as love and depression but it allows it to address these themes with an overall level of comedy. Unlike many films which attempt to tackle such ideas that get bogged down in how serious they want to be taken, Submarines air of light comedy keeps it from being a depressing shit show from beginning to end.

These storytelling themes are beautifully matched with the films visual themes. Running throughout the film is the idea of color being of importance. While I only caught a few hints of this on my first time watching it I am sure that with only a little scrutiny much of the films message could be gleaned from this color theme alone. This is what separates Submarine from your average coming of age film. Not just the idea of colors or the idea that it is both serious yet funny at the same time. No it is that as soon as you are done watching the movie you want to see it again and again, devouring every moment of the film for what it has to offer.

I am happy to say that Submarine broke the general haze of “meh that had pervaded my movie watching experience, though perhaps I only have my own choices to blame for this (skip The Angry Birds Movie, Trolls, The Secret Life of Pets and Zoolander 2 by the way). Submarine takes the coming of age story and revives it, I give it a 5/5 stars.