The 366 Movie Challenge

By April 12, 2016Media

Photo Credit: sailko

When the year of 2016 started I set myself a goal. No longer would I sit and mindlessly indulge on the admittedly good shows offered on Netflix. I told myself that no longer would I see a movie that seemed interesting on Netflix and add it to my queue, telling myself a phrase I am sure many of us are familiar with, “oh I will watch that when I get a chance”. But as I am sure many of us already know that “chance” never seemed to quite roll around when another season of “Portlandia” was added or “American Horror Story” or “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”. The list of amazing shows on Netflix goes on and on, but that’s not what I set out to find. To find more amazing shows on Netflix all I have to do is go to my Facebook feed and I am sure that within a half scroll of the mouse one or more of my friends will be talking about some show “I have to watch”.

No, instead I decided I would set out to find some amazing works of film. I have always enjoyed watching movies (haven’t we all) but found that over the years I was making less and less time to actually sit down and watch them. Hundreds of amazing films were passing me by, films I intended to watch, but at the back of my mind I knew I would never get around to. So to rectify this personal problem I set a goal for myself, watch three hundred and sixty six new movies before the final day of the year, that’s one a day thanks to the leap year. I knew this would not be an easy task, trying to watch make time for a movie while still working full time would mean cutting out the binge watching of shows I used to commit myself to. I am glad to say though that so far I have been going strong, even staying ahead of schedule by a few days most of the time.

Along the way I started to write reviews of some of the films that stood out to me. If a movie was particularly good, particularly bad, or just had something unique/intriguing about it I would write a review and post it to Facebook for my friends to see. Eventually I started to store them on a blog, mostly so I would have some way of cataloging them, not really so they could get out there and get noticed. Finally, they seem to have found a home here at Rockably.

I hope you enjoy reading the reviews I write, if people like them I may go back and write some reviews for some of my favorite movies that were not a part of this 366 movie challenge. While not every movie I watch will be from Netflix streaming, quite a few will be. I will let you know where you can watch each of the movies I review near the end of each review.


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