10 Deep Sea Creatures That Will Haunt Your Dreams Forever

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Now I am in no way a religious man, but after seeing some of the deep sea creatures we’ve found, I might be swayed to believe hell exists and its at the bottom of the ocean.

To prove this theory, here are my top ten deep sea creatures to haunt your dreams forever:

10. The Gulper(Pelican) eel

gulper total


Either it is just incredible happy all the time or its getting ready to eat you alive. The Gulper Eel can live 10,000 feet below the ocean surface and can grow up to 6 feet long. The Gulper produces light through the end of its tail using Bio luminescence to attract prey into its giant, teeth lined mouth.  They also have these weird large gill slit openings on their stomachs…


9. The Humpback anglerfish


This fish is a whole lotta NOPE. It has a head that is deeper than long, split vertically by the mouth, the Angler has a built in lure filled with bacteria that makes its own light to attract its prey into its razer sharp teeth filled mouth.


8. The Giant Spider Crab


Quick! Name the scariest thing you can think of! I bet it was a giant man sized spider huh? Well add in the fact that they live in the ocean below you, grow up to 12 feet long and have giant crazy arms with claws and you’ve got the Giant Spider Crab straight from hell!


7. The Frilled Shark


Is this the SyFy channel? Nope! Just good old mother nature! The Frill Shark bends it’s body like a snake and lunges at prey swallowing it whole, this living fossil is known to inhabit the depths of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, and also as of now, your nightmares!


6. The Giant Isopod


A relative of The Pill Bug, this cuddly little creature lurks upon the dark cold ocean floor feeding upon the dead rotting corpses of whales and anything else it can get its 7 pairs of legs on! I feel like I’ve killed something similar to this in Fallout 4…


5. The Pacific Blackdragon(Idiacanthus)


The Pacific Blackdragon lives up to its name  with its dark black body and black tissue coated stomach to block out any light that might be produced by bioluminescent (light producing) animals that they eat. In other words, they will see you before you see them. You might want to leave the lights on tonight!


4. The Fangtooth Fish



Two fangs of the lower jaw of this monstrosity are so long, that the Fangtooths have evolved a pair of opposing sockets on both sides of the brain to accommodate the teeth when the mouth is closed.


3.The Lamprey


Oh the Lamprey, many a dream have you haunted, with your toothed suction face, ready to drink the blood of any unlucky prey that comes your way. These little alien looking bastards are a huge pest to Northern American Great Lakes, with no known predators they are considered an invasive and just downright asshole-y species.


2.The Black Swallower


Artisan Lane/Youtube

One neat little trick this absurd looking nightmare possesses is the ability to expand its stomach so that it can eat and digest prey twice its length and ten times its own mass…Yum!


1. The Giant Squid


The extremely rare mythical giant squid, long spoken of in old legends, it was thought to only be a terrifying myth…Until they found one of course. The Giant squid can grow up to 33 feet in size! They catch prey using their two long tentacles, gripping it with serrated sucker rings on the ends. They then bring in the bastard unlucky enough to have tangled with them toward their powerful beak, and shred it with their tongue (which has file like teeth).


So there you have it! Everything in the ocean is just terrifying and wants to kill you in horrible, awful ways. Sleep tight!

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