10 Signs That You Might Be Dating An NPC

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NPC’s for those who don’t spend most of their waking life inside video games is a ‘Non Playable Character’ basically a pre programmed person in a game with a few repeated lines of dialogue and, well, normally are kind of hollow personality wise.

Is it possible YOU could be dating an NPC? Have I drank way too much and am just reaching for ridiculous subjects for articles at this point? Maybe to that first question and definitely likely to that second one.


10. When You Ask What They Want To Eat And They always Reply With ‘Whatever You Want :).’


9. When Asking Their Opinion On Politics They Give Vague Responses That Can Be Interpreted Multiple Ways.


8. They Follow The Same Routine Everyday.


7. When You Try To Talk To Them They Only Reply With Single Words Like ‘K’ , ‘yeh’ , ‘uh?’


6. They Don’t Seem To Have Any Friends Of Their Own And Always Follow You And Yours Around.


5. They Sometimes Act Confusingly Stupid.


4. Getting Intimate Feels awkwardly Scripted.


3. They Sometimes break out into nervous dancing.

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2. Their Bodies Bend In Ways That Defy All Logic.


1. You Walk In On Them Having Sexy Dance Parties.


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