11 Jaw Dropping 3D RPG Games For Android/IOS That You HAVE To Play

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Needing an RPG fix while on the go? Well I’ve got you covered! To make this list I searched the far reaches of android for 3D role playing games that are fun, deep and console level quality!

DISCLAIMER: Now I personally own an android phone, so I cant vouch for how these games play on IOS, that’ll be up to you to figure out.


11: Aralon 1: Sword and Shadow

This was actually one of the first rpg’s I played on a smartphone and I was absolutely blown away by the sheer size of the world, and all the options and features available to me. The game borrows a lot from the Elder Scrolls games which in my book is by no means a bad thing(Hey bethesda where the hell is my mobile Skyrim?!)  The game features over 20 hours of gameplay, fully 3d open world environments, 3 playable races, a faction/herb gathering and crafting system, swimming, fishing, full day and night cycles, mounts, pets and practically everything you would ever want from an rpg!


10: Aralon 2:  Forge and Flame

Following the success of its predecessor, Crescent Moon Games created Forge and Flame, which follows in the previous titles footsteps with an open fully 3D world, tons of items, and many of the same features but also adds first or third person view, and a larger world and improved graphics, the story is also more involved this time around with some great yet at times cheesy writing, but none the less adequate for rpging on the go!


9: Ravensword 2: Shadowlands

This is actually the second game in the series, the first one is actually no longer on google play for some reason but might be on IOS still, so check out that game as well. Shadowlands features probably the best graphics I have ever seen on a mobile phone game to date, its basically The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion in pocket form, it features fully 3D open world environments, mounted combat, flying mounts, reputation and jail system, first or third person views, and a great story, writing, voice acting and music to go a long with it, a huge game that will likely take you a couple weeks to finish!


8: Shadow Sun

Shadow Sun was created by a dream team of developers who also worked on such games as Neverwinter Nights, Baldur’s Gate, and The Witcher franchises, Set in a beautifully crafted dark RPG universe, it features 10 hours worth of gameplay with plenty of side quests and interesting characters and stories to learn, the game also features 70 unique hand crafted locations with hundreds nad hundreds of items and you can even own a dog!


7: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic(KOTOR)

An amazing nostalgic port of the original console game to smart phones, its incredible someone was able to bring this game to phones at all, none the less be able to make it so touch friendly and accessible on the go! I dont really need to list the features of this game since you should already know about the original console version but this is the FULL game, with excellent story, deep and well written characters and voice acting, and choices you can make that will affect the world around you!


6: Earth and Legend

Earth and Legend is a game that tries to deliver the sink and the whole kitchen, it features full night and day cycles, dynamic weather system, multiplayer, pets, fully 3d rendered beautiful world, and lots of customization and quests to fill up all your free time!


5: Mobius Final Fantasy

The newest 3D mobile rpg by everybody’s favorite video game developer Square Enix, it features next gen fully realized 3D graphics, that put all the other games on this list to shame in a way only Square Enix could, it features a refined rpg turned based battle system, and the much loved Final Fantasy job system makes a come back, combine that with a immersive story and cutscenes and you have on your hands a truly jaw dropping mobile experience!


4: Final Fantasy VII

With this one were bringing back the old school! Still 3D so it definitely belongs on this list. I cant think of any other game in history that has had a more beloved fan base and made such an impact on our lives than Final Fantasy VII, if you never played the original or you are just looking for a nostalgic trip, download this game immediatly!


3. Dragon Quest VIII

Following the pattern of nostalgia, here’s another one that’ll knock you right in the childhood! Dragon Quest VIII is the first in the series to feature fully 3D environments, that has sold more than 4 million copies in its lifetime! The previous games are also worth checking out as well if you havent already! VIII includes the full original game with tension system, Skill points, monster teams and even the beloved casino makes a come back!


2: Chaos Rings III

An RPG from the makers of Final Fantasy made exclusively for mobile phones! It features amazing graphics, story and a deep world worth exploring! It is the third game in the series, the original two are also worth playing if you can find them ( I wasn’t able to on the google play store) but if not thats not a problem! This game is the perfect jumping point into Square Enix’s newest fantasy world!


1:  The Bard’s Tale

Probably the funniest game I’ve ever played on a phone, the writing is absolutely hilarious and entertaining, the story is great and there are loads of things to do! The android version includes all three original games in the series from the PC, which will provide you with up to 30 hours of gameplay!

Featured Image: from youtube video of Bard’s Tale

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