5 Videos Of The Universe That Will Make You Feel Incredibly Insignificant

By March 28, 2016Smile, Tech/Science


5. Fly Through a 1.5 Billion Pixel Image Of The Andromeda Galaxy created by The NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope . Video Courtesy Of Youtuber Daveachuk.


4. A Comparison Of Things In The Universe, Starting With The Earth’s Moon. Video by Morn1415


3. The Millennium Simulation – A Zoomed Out Cosmic Web Of Galaxies Created In 2005 By The Virgo Consortium, An International Group Of Astrophysicists From Germany, The United Kingdom, Canada, Japan And The United States Video By Youtuber Cristianfcao


2. The Cosmic Calendar – From The Cosmos TV Show Featuring Neil Degrassee Tyson


1. The Smallest To The Biggest Thing In The Universe Comparison Video by Youtuber Sa3000i

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