6 Musicians That Killed Trump Before Kathy Griffin Made it Cool

By June 3, 2017Music

The internet is ablaze following the political bombshell dropped by Kathy Griffin , it seems most of the country came to agreement that Kathy went a bit too far, that her completely unique and morally offensive photo showing her holding a beheaded Trump was uncalled for and she should apologize! Oh but hold on there America, you see she’s not the first and definitely not the last to pull such a stunt or feel violent urges towards our dear POTUS, and let’s also make this clear, art is about expressing one’s self, and when ones self feels oppressed by their own leader who is passing laws that threaten their liberties and freedoms,  it shouldn’t be surprising when that said person expresses that anger in one form or another.  So with that, I give you 6 musicians who beat Kathy Griffin to the punch:


6. Marilyn Manson “Say10” Video

Never one to shy away from controversy, Marilyn Manson leaves an obviously Trump headless bloodied body in the short video for “Say10” . When interviewed by The Daily Beast, the singer stated the video is open to interpretation,  “It’s about the desperate acts of people who believe something that is preached by an unbeliever.”  You can watch the full video here.

5. Snoop Dogg “Lavender” Video

Snoop stirred some controversey himself with the music video release “Lavender” (Nightfall Remix) ft. Kaytranada, in which he  points a fake gun at a Trump clown and pulls the trigger, in the end of the video the Trump clown shows up again in chains. The video mostly deals with police shootings.  Check out the video here!

4. Gwar

That’s right, even the metal rock band Gwar has decapitated Trump likely more than a couple times, but they’ve also been doing this for the past 30 years, which they made clear in their new hilarious Facebook video calling Kathy Griffin out for stealing their decapitating bit. Also I think us metal heads tend to be more desensitized to violence and gore, so we didnt cry about it as much as these conservatives did with Kathy’s stunt, go metal scene! Check out the full Facebook video here.

3. Brujeria’s T-shirt Design

Yep another metal band also got in on the decapitation fun with this T-shirt design they released recently showing a beheaded and rotting Trump head,  Brujeria has also become one of the most intense anti trump bands around, releasing the song “Viva Presidente Trump”.  Check out the video here


2. Municipal Waste’s T-Shirt Design

Oh you thought the metal scene was done with the Trump violence? Think again! Death metal band Municipal Waste also released a T-shirt design, not featuring a decapitated Trump, but one blowing his damn brains out, you gotta mix it up a little!

1. All Shall Perish’s T-Shirt Design

Goddammit metal scene, I love you. All Shall Perish followed the trend of Trump violence T-shirts, with a more subtle approach, the design features Bernie Sanders riding a tank and pointing it directly at the back of Trump’s head, coincidence? I think not!

So dear world, leave Kathy Griffin alone, and dear Kathy, you’ve got nothing to apologize about, because like I just showed you in this article, she is not the first nor the only one who holds feelings of contempt towards the Twitter-In-Chief!

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