9 Local Bands That Will Reignite Your Faith in the PNW Music Scene

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Long, long ago, in a city not so far away, thrived a vast music scene in Seattle, Wa. which single handedly created the grunge scene, and soon after had a big hand in fostering the metalcore and indie scenes, but sometime in the past ten years everything suddenly…Stopped? Local bands disappeared, larger bands went nowhere and the big headliners and tours started skipping over the state of Washington completely…But there has since been an uprising in the local music scenes, from punk rock to pop and black metal to rap, the scene is slowly reviving, thanks in large part to some incredibly talented musicians, so before you lose complete hope, dear reader, check out my list of 9 local bands who might just bring back your faith in local music(In no particular order):

 1. Phasers on Kill (melodic punk rock)

The first band to grace my list is a high energy melodic punk rock band from Tacoma, Washington by the name of Phasers on Kill, established in the good ole days of 2009, and have been rocking local venues and bars since, the band released their first five song EP titled “Write Home” in 2012 which quickly grabbed the attention of local music/punk rock aficionados  and followed that up with the 3 song demo release of “16 Stairs” in 2015, with Chris and Mikey on the Guitar/Vocals, Danny on Bass and Garrett “Stump” on the drums, these guys definitely have set their phasers on killing it! check out their latest release here.

2. Dre Spliffman (Rap/HipHop)

Switching it up a bit, we got Dre Spliffman setting fire to the Lakewood/Tacoma area of Washington state, for fans of rap/hip-hop, or just fans of music that makes you wanna fight the whole goddamn world. His first full length album “Brightside of the Blackout” was released on June 15th 2016, With beats as hard as the lyrics, you won’t regret taking the time to check out the album, you can do so by clicking here. 

3. Vultures Above Us (Metal/Djent)

Again we’re switching it up here and going hard with a local Metal/Djent/Prog band named Vultures Above Us, established in April of 2016, Vultures have been crushing the local scene with face melting music along the same veins of Meshuggah, Tesseract and Born of Osiris , releasing their first single “The House of Black and White” in september of 2016 with their EP release date set for may 27th 2017, these guys are destined to make an impact, if melodic face melting and pants shitting riffs are your thing then Vultures will NOT disappoint, 100% worth checking out, which you can do so by clicking here.

4. A God Or An Other (Black Metal/Hardcore)

Formed in 2010 and hailing from the Western region of the evergreen state comes a Black metal/Hardcore band bringing with it, its own intense unique style, ranging from lush ethereal soundscapes to crushing walls of sound, A god Or An Other is a band that needs to be experienced, following the albums Towers of Silence and No Shepherds, they released their latest album, “The Great Northern” in May of 2015, bringing with it a whole new sound of beauty and dread, If you’re into that, I highly recommend taking five minutes and checking them out by clicking here.

5. Year of The Cobra (Grunge/Heavy Metal)

Bringing the doom and grunge comes a band from Seattle by the name Year of the Cobra. Formed in 2015, the band followed up their first EP “The Black Sun” with their latest release of “In The Shadows below” Which was featured live on Noisey.Vice.com which became their launch into  the eyes and ears of the local music scene and beyond, the band is currently touring extensively, bringing their unique sound to the further reaches of the United States, check them out here!

6. Andie Case (Pop)


 Taking a slight detour here, we’re gonna take a second to appreciate the pop musician Andie Case, a seattle/Oregon local who has taken off from the local music scene only very recently when she released her cover song of Jason Durelo’s “Want to Want Me” which topped Itunes 100 list and caught the attention of the entire nation, setting it ablaze, she has since gone on to now reach more than 1.1 MILLION followers on youtube alone, and releasing her first single “Coming Around” in April of 2016. Check out her music here.

7. Hey Marseilles(Alt Rock)

One of the bigger locals on this list, we have here a personal favorite of mine, Hey Marseilles, an alternative rock band founded in 2006, Hey Marseilles has spent the last decade perfecting and creating a unique and unusually polished sound, featuring violins, accordions and impressive vocals which seem somewhat inspired by another great once local band: Death Cab for Cutie. The band released their first big album “Lines We Traced” in 2013 to critical acclaim, followed up by a collaboration with Anthony Kilhoffer, an A-list, LA-based producer and engineer who’s won Grammys for his work with Kanye West and John Legend. Check them out here!

8. Tacocat (Punk Rock)

Following on the trend of local seattle band success is Tacocat! A Punk Rock band formed in 2007, they have gained a considerable following in part from their songs subject matter which addresses feminist themes using humor and sarcasm, They gained popularity in 2014 following the release of their second album NVM, engineered by Conrad Uno. The album received very positive reviews in the music press, from sources such as Pitchfork, AllMusic and PopMatters and reached the CMJ top 10 college radio albums. Their most recent release was “Lost Time” in April of 2016, definately take the five minutes and check them out here!

9.Weaponlord (Power/Thrash Metal)

Shredding into the local seattle music scene on what appears to be a horse made of lightening, is Weaponlord, a fast paced heavy metal/power metal/thrash metal band formed in 2015, they have since released their self titled, six song EP on may 27th, 2016 which features a slew of non stop finger bleeding metal that may just work as a replacement to your coffee each morning! Check them out here!

So thats the current list of local PNW bands to keep an eye on, I’ll most likely be doing another one of these lists since I have a feeling the scene is not done yet and we will be seeing even more talent appearing soon.  

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