Adorable Abandoned Puppy Shakes Hands With Rescuer

By July 14, 2016Smile

(video can be found at the end of this article)

In a world where we constantly hear bad news, its nice to get a break from all that and hear a beautiful story about animal rescue, something to bring back little bit of our faith in humanity.


Today’s make you smile story comes all the way from Romania, where a rescue group by the name of Howl of a Dog, recently found a 6 month old abandoned pupper named Fram on the side of the road, Fram looked scared and confused while large trucks and traffic roared by, the group approached carefully to prevent Fram from running into traffic.


The group took Fram into their care, bathed him, gave him a check up and medicine for his mange and flea problems. And in return, Fram, the 6 month old stray who’s only known abandonment and cold wet streets since he was born, shook hands with his rescuers.


Since the video aired on YouTube, the group announced Fram has found a new home with a wonderful family in the UK.

Check out the heart warming video below!


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