April Fools 2016: 5 Of The Best Tech Jokes So Far

By April 1, 2016Tech/Science


April Fools is such a bittersweet holiday, with all the shenanigans, fake news stories and pretend pregnancy announcements by friends, its the one day a year that you should question everything you hear (which you should also do all year round but I digress) It’s also the one day a year companies release hilarious, ridiculous news stories and announcements, and I’ve rounded up the top five best ones so far:


5. Google CardBoard Plastic:

The future is clear! Experience the most realistic reality headset ever!

4. The Samsung Internet of Trousers

The first true smart pair of pants! With Built in Wi-Fly!



3. The Tesla Model W Wristwatch:

*Warning, the current version requires wrist strength of an Orangutan.



2. The Razer Breadwinner Gaming Toaster:

“providing gamers with the number #1 source of gaming fuel around the world – Toast.”                                                                              


1. The Sony Ghost Catcher:

Sony Developes actual Ghost Busters photon pack!

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