Electric Off Road Rollerblades Give You A New Way To Break Your Neck

By April 2, 2016Tech/Science


Remember Roller Blades? Of course you do, who doesn’t? But what happen to them? Well some would argue we moved on from them to less sexual repelling things like skateboards, but Poland’s Jack Skopinski of Aero-Service, thinks otherwise, he believes it is because they just weren’t dangerous enough, and that is why he attached a freaking motor to them to send your stupid ass tumbling at over 12 miles per hour! And they even go off road too! Thanks Satan!

The Skates run on a 26V/26ah lithium-ion battery that powers a 350W DC electric motor. A handheld controller allows you to adjust the speed according to how horrible of a death you would prefer. The batteries should last about 12.5 miles before they need to be recharged, your neck on the other hand will last considerably less than that.

Despite the neck breaking, they do sound pretty fun, Imagine tearing through some grass fields with your badass Oakley shades, cargo shorts and bleached spike hair tips all while listening to some dope Smash Mouth,  you’ll be fighting chicks off with a broom.

Apparently they will cost $1400 and weigh about 20 lbs each…Alright at this point I feel like this has to be an April fools joke, these cant possibly exist can they?

Oh dear god.

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