Mcdonalds is Bringing Back Szechuan Sauce for One Day Only – Here’s Where to Find It

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“I want that Mulan McNugget sauce, Morty, that’s my series arc, Morty, if it takes nine seasons. I want my McNugget dipping sauce Szechuan sauce, Morty!”

Let’s Talk About That One Time Star Trek Blamed Rape Victims

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I really hope Korvir can still enjoy steak after this, you know after all that stress of being accused of assault and all…

11 Jaw Dropping 3D RPG Games For Android/IOS That You HAVE To Play

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Nothing like exploring an immersive detailed fantasy land while you’re on the toilet.

Prepare To Get Emotional With This Trailer For The Little Prince Netflix Release

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It’s alright if you tear up watching this trailer ( we’ll just tell people you were cutting onions).

10 Signs That You Might Be Dating An NPC

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Is it possible YOU could be dating an NPC? Here are the top ten signs to look out for!

10 Must See Science Documentaries On Netflix Right Now

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Science is awesome! Documentaries about science are also awesome!

Mark Hamill Posts Perfect Picture To Celebrate Daisy Ridley’s Birthday!

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Jedi training hasn’t changed much in the last few decades.

The Legend Of Hitomi Fujiko And The Terrifying Possibility Of NPC Consciousness

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Video Games are the result of endless hard work, imagination and dedication, the men and women who create these worlds give a lot for us to be able to explore…

Sad Ben Affleck Finds Out No One Liked His Movie

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Let’s start this off on a positive note, Ben Affleck was great in The Town, he is an amazing actor and has made a lot of great movies over the…

After Paramount Drops The Little Prince, Netflix Swoops In To Save The Day

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Netflix wasted no time saving the day after it was recently reported that Paramount dropped the movie adaption of  Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s classic The Little Prince, which was originally slated…