Fall Out Boy Sends Special Album Edition Fidget Spinners to Fans

By September 30, 2017Music

Continuing the trend of weirdness that is 2017, the extremely popular band, Fall Out Boy, apparently is sending special edition “Mania” fidget spinners in celebration of their new album of the same name, to random fans they call “the chosen ones” and their top Spotify listeners, the spinners are being sent a long with a special thank you note as seen below:

And apparently it also lights up…

Still not impressed? Well…ITS ALSO A BLUETOOTH SPEAKER!

The random fidget spinner gifts are actually part of an odd list the band posted back on their instagram a long with such tasks as “finish recording MANIA” and “give back to Chicago.” and then there are the weird items on the list like “give trophies to fans” where FOB fans actually ended up receiving trophies in the mail.

Never thought I’d find myself actually wanting a fidget spinner till now, thanks Fallout Boy!

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