Forgot To Buy Eclipse Glasses? Then Here’s How To Make An Eclipse Viewer

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The last time a solar eclipse swept the whole United States was in 1918, so its easy to see why I and the rest of the country are so goddamn excited for Monday. But if you are like me and totally spaced on getting some eye protection for the potentially once in a lifetime show, then don’t worry! I got you. Here’s how you can make a super easy, last minute eclipse viewer from common items that I guarantee you probably have lying around somewhere. So lets begin!

What You’ll need

 1. One Cereal Box

   2. Tin Foil

   3. Piece of plain WHITE paper

   4. Scissors

   5. Tape

   6. A pin, tack or needle


Step 1: Cut the Cereal box

 Go ahead and cut both sides of the top of the cereal box as shown above so it looks like this:

Step 2: Cut and Insert the Piece of Paper

Cut the white piece of paper as close to the shape of the bottom of the box as you can, I recommend cut it alittle smaller than the box so it fits easily in. Then you’ll want to use some tape on the bottom of the paper to make it stick to the box, and insert that bad boy down in there like this:

Now tape the top shut, be sure to not tape over the sides that we cut previously tho.

Step 3: Cut and Tape The Tin Foil

You’re gonna want to cut it big enough to cover one of the cut corners of the cereal box and then tape it on there to make sure it stays like shown:

Looking good!

Step 4: Make a Tiny Pin Hole

Now we need to make a tiny pinhole for the sun to beam through, you can use a small needle, pin or tack but its important that the hole is as small as possible so I wouldnt go bigger than a tack like shown above, so go ahead and poke a hole in the foil like shown:

Step 5: How it Should Look and How To Use it

And there you have it! A completely free way to enjoy that solar eclipse without killing your eyes. Now to use it, all you gotta do is face AWAY from the sun so the sun is at your back and then look thru the bottom hole, the sun will beam thru the hole in the tin foil and project the image onto the white piece of paper. Here’s how that looks:

I hope you all have fun, be safe and watch out for that crazy ass Oregon traffic! Rock on!

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