Guinea Pig Escapes From Cage, immediatly Impregnates Hundreds Of Other Guinea Pigs

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you are the father guinea

       Randy, you ARE the father!

Yes, You read that headline right, a promiscuous Guinea Pig by the name of Randy escaped from his enclosure at an animal shelter named Hatton Country World in Warwickshire, UK. And immediately got to work impregnating every single one of the one hundred female Guinea pigs who were also staying at the shelter.

The dirty dead wasn’t noticed until the staff performed their usual inspection and to their bewilderment, discovered all the females were expecting. Which was odd because the males and females were always kept apart.

They soon realized the culprit was Randy when they noticed he had… Lost some weight.

When interviewed, Manager Richard Craddock said: ‘One of our male guinea pigs managed to find his way into the female enclosure and had a very good time by the looks of it…”

They believe he may have gotten out by way of a child placing him in the wrong enclosure or he might have broke free from his cage to get at the females.

Each of the 100 female guinea pigs are expecting a litter of about 4, do the math and it looks like Randy is gonna have his hands full. The shelter is also now looking into expanding the shelter to accommodate the arrival of all those Randy Jr.’s


*This was a story from 2014, but is just so awesome I had to share it again.

Photo Credit: SWNS and The Maury Show.

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