How to Instantly Digitize Your Entire Movie Collection Using Vudu

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Hey physical media! Dont let the door hit you on the way out!

I know it, you probably know, everyone knows it, physical media is on the way out, like every great media platform before it, its evolving into something better, more convenient and efficient. Yes there are those who oppose digital media on the grounds that you don’t technically “Own” the movie anymore…But news flash! You never technically “owned” that VHS/DVD/Blu-Ray you had either!(and ripping is technically illegal!) I also seriously doubt that your great grand kids will want to inherit your absurdly huge, dusty collection of scratched, scuffed Blu-Rays and DVDs that you’ve probably watched maybe once or twice at most…

So if you’re like me, a minimalist who’s sick of looking at his giant bookcase of dusty Blu-Rays and DVDs and has decided to go digital but would rather kill himself than be forced to spend hours and hours waiting for a goddamn 25GB Blu-Ray to complete its rip(which is, again technically illegal!) then proceed on my friends!

What Is It?

Disk to Digital is a program created by VUDU and Walmart to allow you to digitize your movie collection and store them in the VUDU cloud forever, which allows you to stream and access them instantly at anytime on any device! It also safeguards your movies in case you ever inevitably scratch or break them! VUDU has one of the biggest movie collections out there and is a good place to invest your movie watching in.

The Deal

Here’s where it gets really interesting, it costs only $2 per Blu-ray digital copy, BUT if you digitize 10 Blu-Rays or DVDs, you get 50% off! Thats $1 per Blu-Ray/DVD! To put this in perspective, that same digital copy in HD from VUDU, Amazon video or Google play can cost you up to $20 to buy! And the crazy thing is, you of course can still keep your discs! No need to send it to Vudu or anywhere! In regards to DVDs, Vudu gives you the option to buy the regular 480p resolution version for $2, or you can upgrade your DVD from 480p to upscaled 1080p versions for $3 more, which I did for my Lord of the Rings extended edition since I only had it on DVD, it looks great in 1080p by the way! And same thing with the upscaled DVD’s, if you do 10, you still get that 50% off!

What You’ll Need to Get Started:

  • One Blu-Ray Drive or DVD drive if only copying DVDs
  • A Blu-Ray or DVD to digitize
  • Download VUDU’s “Vudu to Go” program by clicking here for your PC or Mac.
  • Like two minutes at most to spend on this

Once you’re ready, all you gotta do is open VUDU to Go, put in the Blu-Ray, and the program will instantly locate the digital copy and give you the option to add it to your order, and that’s it! You’re already done!

My Personal Experience

I’ve been using it for a couple weeks now, and I am impressed, its quick, super convenient, I experienced zero issues and it saves me uncountable hours of Blu-Ray ripping! Once I completed my order, the movies showed up instantly in my VUDU account, and instantly on my phone with Vudu’s app and on my TV with Vudu’s smart TV app. They also give you the option to download the movies to your device for offline use. The only downside you may notice with VUDU is that they may not have certain older DVD movies, for example VUDU was not able to find the movie “Better Off Dead”which sucks because that movie is awesome.

So yeah guys check it out, you really have nothing to lose, I mean buying a digital movie now a days is about $20 but with this deal, you can get it for $2 (or $1 if you do ten!) If I hadn’t tested it already I would’ve never believed it!


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