Inky The Octopus says “F#ck You” To Aquarium. Escapes To Ocean.

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Inky The Octopus Dating Profile:

Interests: shrimp, freedom.

favorite Movies: The Great Escape, Finding Nemo.

In the vain of such great movies as The Great Escape and Finding Nemo, an octopus by the name of Inky made his daring Escape from an aquarium in New Zealand several months ago and only just now is the story coming to light.

The Octopus prints Investigators found at the scene (with what I like to imagine a giant magnifying glass while wearing a Sherlock Holmes hat and pipe)  suggest that sometime during the night, the aquatic contortionist escaped from his aquarium , scuttled across the floor and squeezed down a 6 inch opening to a 164 foot long drain pipe into the ocean, presumably all the while holding his middle fingers in the air and rocking some stunner shades.

Inky’s great escape wasn’t noticed until that morning aquarium workers returned and found the Octopus missing, his tank buddy Blotchy was still there, presumably mad as hell that Inky didn’t wake him up.

If you know anything about Octopuses , you’ve probably heard how smart they are, they’ve been known to squeeze through holes the size of coins and have even been spotted carrying coconuts which we can only imagine to build their octopus space ship to return to their home world.

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