Live Like A Disney Character In This “Snow White” Cottage For Sale In Olalla, Wa

By June 30, 2016Lifestyle

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves have retired to a beach house, and are now putting their cottage up for sale!

No but seriously, the enchanted, well known Storybook cottage in Olalla, Washington has been recently put up for sale by the owners,  and is currently listing for  $825,000 . That’s right,  you can live like a Disney Princess (or Prince ) for the low bargain price of $825k!  (Magical forest animals not included)

The whimsical dwelling has been used as both a wedding venue and a home for the past 11 years, it consists of three bedrooms and three baths, meticulously carved and crafted to perfection, you won’t find a single straight edge here! Complimented by iron doors, stained glass windows and carved wood beams with multi-colored cobblestone and natural vegetation, it sits beautifully upon five acres of enchanted land. There’s even a bridge and of course a magically decorated hollowed out tree trunk to complete the story book ambience.

“They bring their frogs here to make them into princes,” Bess, the owner of the estate joked to Kitsap Sun speaking of the property’s use as a wedding venue.

Check out some more pictures and a video tour below! (Photos and Video Credit: John L. Scott)



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