Local 21 Year Old 6 Months Sober After Binge Drinking 1 Mikes Hard EVERY WEEKEND

By September 7, 2016Smile

Alcohol. The Devil’s mouthwash, has once again destroyed the life of a local 21 year old girl on Facebook. The drink of choice? The dangerous, Mike’s Hard – Pink Lemonade.

In a recent Facebook post by the now sober lady,  she announced ” Real Talk: Im proud to announce that Ive been 6 months free of the death grip alcohol had on my life [sad emoticon face], I was at such a low point in life that I was literally drinking an ENTIRE Mike’s Hard to myself EVERY WEEKEND![sad emoticon face] I even started doing things I would never normally do, I made out with my female best friend! It turned me into a total monster. Glad to finally be free of it praise jesus![heart emoticon x2, praying hands emoticon and heart eyes emoticon].”

When asked if she knew that an alcoholic is a person who is mentally/emotionally dependant on alcohol, creating zero restraint with the amount consumed and causing one to drink at inappropriate times resulting in issues with family, friends and responsibilities and taking that lightly and self diagnosing one as such is hurting those who actually deal with alcoholism she replied: “Yeah that is totes me, I remember one time I even went out to the bar with friends ON A THURSDAY NIGHT when I had to work the next day AT 10AM! I was completely out of control”


Shortly after posting this story, the girl from this article announced she had also slipped into weedism and would smoke practically twice a week, but with God’s help has now freed herself from the control of marijuana.




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