Mcdonalds is Bringing Back Szechuan Sauce for One Day Only – Here’s Where to Find It

By October 3, 2017Media

Yes, you read that right, McDonald’s has made the internet’s dreams come true and likely destroyed those of the man who spent $15,000 for the sauce online, and will be bringing back the legendary Szechuan sauce for one day only in October!

Going way back to the ancient days of 1998, the sauce was released as a promotional item that corresponded to the release of Disney’s Mulan.

The fast food chain’s mcnugget dipping sauce has the show Rick and Morty to thank for its sudden resurgence in popularity, after it appeared in the surprise April fools day episode where Rick acquires the Szechuan sauce and proves to the Galactic Federation agent that the sauce is the best thing ever.  At the end of the episode, Rick also goes on an intense rant about how incredible the sauce is.

So when will the legendary sauce be released? And will it be as good as Rick swore it was? According to McDonalds it will be released on October 7th only, and then will return to the bottomless abyss that was the 90’s…The sauce will be paired with their buttermilk crispy tenders and the fast chain will also be “giving away 1000 limited-edition, hand numbered, screen-printed posters for all 10 sauces in our legendary lineup- Including Szechuan sauce.”

Come on McDonalds, only selling the sauce for one day? Stop being such a tease and give the world what they need! WE NEED THAT MCNUGGET DIPPING SAUCE MORTY!
Click here to find out where you can find some of that delicious dipping sauce! 





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