Oli Sykes Reveals Newly Finished White on Blacked out Tattoo Sleeve

By September 28, 2017Music

Oli Sykes, the front man for the metal / rock band Bring Me The Horizon, revealed his newly completed blacked out sleeve with white ink.


Fans first noticed Oli’s arm being blacked out back in 2015, and has rocked that look since as seen below:

Many fans wondered why he would cover what appeared to be, many years of great looking art on his arm. Well today he finally revealed what his plan was the whole time: an incredible looking white ink on a blacked out sleeve, check it out below:


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So what do the “experts” say about blacked out tattoo work? Well according to Howard Sobel, MD, NYC dermatologist and founder of DDF Skincare , there are many ingredients in the pigments used for dark ink like titanium dioxide, lead, nickel, chromium, “Some of them are industrial grade and the same as those used in automobile paint.” Because the ink is literally injected into skin’s layers, it can seep into the blood stream. Large amounts of it, like that needed to cover this much of your body, has the potential to cause allergic reactions, skin rashes, and inflammation in the tissue. And of course an all blackout arm makes screening for cancer pretty much impossible.

Still I’m super digging the look, and I think it’s worth the potential risks!

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