Sad Ben Affleck Finds Out No One Liked His Movie

By March 25, 2016Media, Smile


Let’s start this off on a positive note, Ben Affleck was great in The Town, he is an amazing actor and has made a lot of great movies over the years, but if there’s one role that he just can’t seem to get lucky in, it’s the superhero role, after the catastrophe that was Daredevil, we were all hoping for some self redemption for Affleck, just like Ryan Reynolds did with DeadPool after his own super hero catastrophe The Green Lantern.  But that’s not been the case with poor Ben, Critics have torn apart his latest superhero attempt and his reaction to those bad reviews has now become a new viral internet meme following in the footsteps of Sad Keanu Reeves, check out Affleck’s hilarious yet heart breaking reaction when interviewed about it:





Don’t worry Ben, we all know it was Snyders fault the movie stinks, we all still love you!

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