The Sad grandpa who recently broke the internet’s heart, also known as Pawpaw, or Kenneth Harmon recently explained to Inside edition the real story behind the photo that recently went viral on the internet of him looking sad that his snooty grand kids didn’t show up to dinner with him.

 According To Harmon, “Everyone was invited but that is not the way it turned out.” He explained to IE,  and that it was simply a miscommunication where “Some of the grand kids say they didn’t know about it.  Either way, the grand kids feel bad enough about it(or were bullied enough by the internet that the
y have been making it a point to make it up to Papaw, Harmon’s 20 year old grandson Brock, took him to a softball game to see one of his other grandkids play, and wanted the world to know that he truly loves his “Papaw”

Well Papaw, if your grand kids ever flake again, just know the entire internet will gladly have a cheeseburger with you!

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