The Tooth Brush of the Future is Black To Match Your Soul – Boie USA Review

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When I get together with friends for a beer and we talk about futuristic tech and other deep beer subjects, toothbrushes are normally not discussed, but they should be. I mean future humans will have to prevent cavities as well right? Unless of course we inevitably cure cavities or create self healing teeth…Okay so this is the “near future” toothbrush! So what makes it “futuristic?” Well for starters


Its Anti Microbial

In case you were not aware, toothbrushes harbor a lot of gross shit, like feces from flushing toilets, germs and other non sense, but the Boie USA Toothbrush’s replaceable heads have been imbued with particles of silver, which,besides for being deadly to werewolves, has also been known for many years as having amazing anti bacterial properties, yet is completely safe for us humans. That right there is a pretty good selling point for the Boie USA Toothbrush “Well its either this or your shit covered regular toothbrush” SOLD.

Its Ergonomic and Environmentally friendly

The toothbrush uses a medical grade rubber like material with removeable heads that are recyclable! Thats right, when the brush head has bit the dust, you can just replace the head with a new one instead of throwing out the entire brush! This as you could imagine greatly reduces waste and any product that is good for the environment is a good product in my opinion.

The Brush also has a fantastic curved shape which allows easier reach without killing your wrist, in use, I found it to be a lot more comfortable then my other lame non futuristic brush, and since I type all day, anything that reduces my chances of carpal-tunnel  is also A-Okay in my opinion.

It Lasts Longer and is More Durable

According to Boie USA, the brush will last twice as long as your ordinary toothbrush, this is great news for your  wallet, since the brush heads themselves wont need to be changed quite as often, this durability can be attributed to the high quality medical grade rubber that Boie USA decided to use in the brush, and as we all know, less buying means less waste and less waste means more happy Earth to enjoy, so yay go Earth!

And finally…

Its Pure Black Which is Metal as Fuck

*Que Black metal song*

I actually really like the black color, I mean how many times have you seen an all black tooth brush?
I’ve never seen one, so that’s pretty cool, and since I do love accessorizing, it goes great with my black soul! Now I just need some of that black toothpaste to complete my dark morning routine!
Overall its a fantastic and unique looking brush that I’d recommend if you’re looking for a new brush and want something different, If it sounds interesting to you, and hey it’s cheap! Then check out by clicking below:


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