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What are your plans this summer? Im going to go out on a limb here and guess they likely consist of drinking with friends and doing some traveling, but what if you could get paid to do that instead? Oh its not just a dream, because a local florida based chain of beer taverns called World of Beers has made those dreams a reality by announcing a new internship where they will pay your expenses to travel the country, tasting beers, visiting taverns and just all around loving your life. Now this is not technically a paying gig, you dont get pay check, but you do get to travel the country for free, drink for free, and look like the luckiest badass to ever live to all your social media friends.

So how do you get in on this amazingness? Well you will need to apply on WOB’s website, then Start the application by filling out some basic information and connecting your social channels, then you’ll need to upload a short 1 minute video explaining why you would be the perfect person to be their Drink It intern, try to keep it casual, mention your favorite trips to a brewery, review your favorite beer, impress them with your odd but unique talent(Id recommend wearing clothes though) make yourself stand out! Then after the application is completed, share it like wild fire! post on your social media channels, brag about it, make people hate you, and it’ll help bump you up on WOB’s list.

WOB will be accepting applications between March 1st to March 26th and final interviews will be held the week of April 4th, and the winning interns will start their journey of glorious beer tasting in the last week of April.  Now its not required that you attend a live interview at the listed tavern locations but it sure would help you stand out, so get on it my fellow beer lovers!

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