Washington State is ‘Berning’ As Sanders Wins In Landslide

By March 27, 2016Smile


Someone call the Fire Brigade! The whole Washington state is berning alive!

Bernie Sanders took home a huge victory in Washington today as reported by The New York Times, Bernie annihilated Hilary Clinton 76 – 24 across the state, meaning he will be awarded nearly all of the States 101 pledged delegates.

Adding to his wins in Alaska and very likely Hawaii, Sanders is on the heels of Clinton’s delegate lead with 18 primaries and Caucuses left to vote, all favorable to Sanders.

Sanders will need to win 58 percent of the remaining delegates as of March 15 to be able to obtain the nomination.

Sanders will head to Wisconsin next to go head to head with Clinton for the States 86 delegates on April 5th.

Wisconsin’s proximity to other states where Sanders won big will mean it’ll again likely come down to turnout.

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