Why You Should Buy The Outdated 2 Years Old Moto 360

By August 31, 2016Tech/Science

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•Low Cost

•Does everything a smart watch should

•Still looks great

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I love tech. I really do, I tend to try and get the newest and the best of the bunch, hey a new pair of pants that tells you the time? Well shit sign me up! But I am also not a fan boy, I’m willing at any moment to jump ship and try out a competitors product IF it is actually better. I am also a realist, I know what I need, and what I dont, I know how much I should spend and what is overkill. And that is why I recently sold my brand new LG Urbane 2 LTE for a two years old, outdated , not even supported any more Moto 360.

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To explain myself, We’ll need to first ask why we wear smart watches, whats the purpose of a smart watch? What are the limitations? A smart watch is nothing more than a companion to your smart phone, it gives you quick access to all your notifications, quick information and simple tasks that you’d prefer not to remove your phone for. This then brings us to the limitations, a small 1.5 inch display is not quick the prefered way to type out an email, unless of course you dont like having eyesight.  this small screen space makes it impractical to use on its own as a phone replacement, that’s why the newest LTE enabled smartwatch or the full fledged android phone watches just dont make much sense, because you cant really use them without your phone for more then an hour while working out. When I did own the Urbane LTE I realized I barely used the feature at all, everywhere I went had WiFi and never was without my phone for that long either, so spending $400 was a total waste.

The impracticality of using a smart watch as a phone then sends us back to where we started, its a companion TO your phone, so basically a phone accessory, so the next question is, how much would you pay for an accessory to your phone? the same price you payed for the phone seems absolutely ridiculous, to me a good price is less than $100 but this may differ for others. And that is why I sold my LG Urbane LTE for the old Moto 360.

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The Moto 360 was the first android wear watch to sport a round display that actually LOOKED like a timepiece, it did everything you needed it to, play music free of your phone, even connect to WiFi while you’re at the gym, you could reply to messages, answer calls and connect it to bluetooth headphones, the only thing it lacked was a decent battery, yes the battery is not the greatest, but it will last you all day till you go to sleep which is when most people charge a watch anyways so in my opinion that is plenty of battery for the price.


And that brings us to the price, the Moto 360 is considered to be outdated tech, therefore it is very easy to find it being sold on such places as Ebay for less than $100, in my situation I was able to get it for less than $80.  That is the price an accessory to your phone should cost. The original Moto 360 does everything a smart watch should, no more no less. And thats exactly why you should also buy one.

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